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We are currently undergoing reorganization, please check back updates. Thank You.

     The Tango Society of Philadelphia has been formed to create a warm, friendly, inviting, environment for New and existing Tango dancers in the Philadelphia area. Our goals are many and Ideas vast, we wish to establish our city as a leading and accomplished Tango Society, that will rival other cities and make "Your community Bigger and Better."

    Using collected information from past and present dancers there has been a need for the formation of a collective. A group that wishes to bring tango to the public, to insure that all are welcome and comfortable, free to express themselves  through dance, that every one has the opportunity to dance. We wish to fill that need and to expand and grow beyond limitations. Planning for the future we wish to bring bi-annual Gala events with live music and guest performers, workshops taught by Premier Professors of Tango from around the globe, group discussions. More ideas and features will be generated as we develop. 

       At this time we are inviting anyone who wishes to become a member to enter information below. All data will be kept confidential!

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Please enter your full name, mailing address, Phone number, email, occupation and years dancing Tango.

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To help with the effort to have this community grow and you can offer transportation from center city, suburbs, N.J. or other areas Please enter Your info in the proper form, this information will be posted on a new page labeled " Let's go Tango" if you wish not to have this information public please note on first line of form, it will be forwarded to the correct parties. Please enter your name, location, Phone number, or email address. We all thank you and hope this will help expand our efforts.

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